Here’s what others are saying:

Mark and Angel make a terrific business team. Everything from the the personalized customer service to the incredible fossil ivory I purchased was absolutely excellent. If you are after top notch materials and want to be treated well, I couldn’t recommend anyone else but Mark Knapp Custom Knives. – Matthew G.

Good morning, I wanted to let you know that the knife has arrived. IT IS SPECTACULAR! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! If I were a little younger, I might order several more, but with a 5 year wait, who knows? The sheath is beautiful also. Those I have shown it to are amazed at its light weight and the superb craftsmanship. – Alan G.

I just opened the best thing the USPS has ever brought me since they delivered my copy of my 1979 divorce decree. Great work and I will treasure it. Please tell Mr. Knapp I appreciate the fine work. – J.W.

Received my 1911 Survivor Bowie. It looks great and is the most rugged knife I now have. I can’t wait to test it. –  Bill G.

Just got the 1911 – absolutely incredible! I don’t want to use it it’s so beautiful…. Thanks guys! – B.W.

Louis and I just want to say, “Thank you so very much!!” We received the knife and accessories a few days ago and absolutely could not be happier. It is an exquisite work of art and made the wait for it completely worthwhile. The quality of the knife blade and handle are outstanding and your craftsmanship is exceptional as well. It is such a spectacular tool! Everyone that comes into the house gets to see the knife and we’ve been carrying it to our relatives’ houses to show it off. They’ve all been blown away by its first-class craftsmanship and beauty. Once again, thank you so very much for this unique and impressive knife. Sincerely, – Cpt. Louis & Sharon

I just received the custom knife you made me today and I have to say, it took my breath away. I am still in awe at the workmanship and detail you put into my knife. Words cannot describe how grateful I am that you made this one of a kind piece of art for me. This is going into my collection, so I can show my friends and family this unbelievable work of art. God has truly blessed you with a gift that everyone can enjoy. Thanks again for your friendship and for making a Cajun from Louisiana very happy. Stay in Touch. – Larry H., Louisiana

It was great to meet you while I was vacationing in Alaska! I was lucky to get the 1911 knife in my old motorcycle racing number that you just happened to have in stock while I was in Fairbanks. What a great knife with lightning fast shipping back to NC. I highly recommend you to all of my friends in the lower 48! I look forward to dealing with you again in the future, you guys are FIRST CLASS all the way! – John from NC

Thank you for the photos and for making such a wonderful knife for me. I have been showing it off all day. – D.T., University of Alaska

Thanks to Mark’s skills and artistry and my wonderful wife Susan I am the proud owner of this truly cosmic folder. I am enjoying showing it off and hope that with some practice I will be able to actually remember and pronounce the materials that it is made of. Thank you again Mark and Susan! – S.R., via Facebook

Just opened the package…I am so pleased! The understated elegance is me to a tee! I will enjoy using this knife [Maserin Gourmet Knife] for many years with every New York strip or bone in Rib-eye I have. You are truly a fine artist. Thank you so much! – H.S., via e-mail

What a magnificent piece of craftsmanship! It’s beautiful! – Tony, via email

I recieved my knife the day after x-mas. Truly a beautiful pice of craftmanship. I can’t thank you enough. I have been showing it off , and everyons is impressed. i may be sending you a customer or two! – S.Y., via email

You sure do build some wonderful knives, I can’t even find the words. Home made Damascus, beautiful handles nature inspired, individual pieces for the rattler inspired knife & sheath…wow! I used to say how cool us knife guys can find so much to like in a tool with so few parts. But your intricate work, the detail & obvious pride is outstanding! I love the 1911 survival knife! What survivalist worth his salt don’t like a 1911? Anyway, that’s all, just tipping my hat sir…you sure make some fine cutlery & accessories!! – Randy, Alberta, Canada

Susan just gave me a VERY special pocket knife with the cosmic scales! I have a number of William Henry knives, but this one is truly unique. Thank you for your efforts on this one. I will be proudly showing it off at the office tomorrow! – S.R., California

Just wanted to let you know that I received the knife today. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you so much. Can’t wait for the other one. Take care of yourselves and Alaska for us. – A.A., via email

My new knife made out of mammoth tooth and amber. I have received your knife and just got the picture. Words cannot describe how delighted I am with it. The workmanship is exquisite and precise. The overall shape and image is outstanding. – H.S., via email

I got the knife, and it is AWESOME! Thank you very much. I don’t know how you did that to the antler, but it’s impressive. The sheath fits the knife like a glove! I can even slip it in on my belt. I will definitely use you in the future (hopefully be able to swing one of your knives), and already have another knife in mind, lol. Thanks again! – V.G.J., Alabama

First things first, I am extremely happy that I got a first production run of your 1911 Combat Survivor. It is beautiful, and so far it has stood up to some rigorous hand to hand training. So far I couldn’t be happier with this knife. Okay, need to know when you will be taking custom orders for this knife. – D.S., via email

I recently visited Alaska and stopped in the shop. Great hospitality and product knowledge. I purchased a custom Ulu knife that had a Mark Knapp custom look. Love the knife. My 4 year old daughter also loved the dogs that were more than friendly. Thanks for being great people and loved doing business with you. – J.H., via email

Knife received! Thanks very, very much. I really love this piece. It’s one of the very few that sits in a spot where I can see it about 75% of the time during all waking hours. Man, when I saw the one you had at Blade, I just HAD to have one like it, and NOW I DO!! Thanks again, so much! – R.M.B., via email

The knife arrived today, it is incredible! Thanks for all your work. – R.S., via email

I have now had my new knife for some two weeks and couldn’t be more pleased. The mammoth, walrus and musk ox used in the handle come together beautifully. The knife has a nice heft to it and perfect balance for a mans hand. The blade is strong and solid and the edge is nothing short of ‘wicked’. The sheath is equally well made and attractive. I congratulate you on a job well done. – G.W., via email

The knife looks great and I have one very excited husband! I told him what he was getting while we were on our trip, and I think he was almost ready to come home early! Thanks for your outstanding, quality work on this. I appreciate you working with me to make a special gift for my husband. – N.C., Wyoming

Thank You for the beautiful ulu. It is the perfect gift for my boyfriend whom has everything except an ulu! He seems to collect “cool knives” and has admired my “run of the mill” ulu since we met. (he will even help me in the kitchen if he can use my ulu!). I am so looking forward to surprising him on his birthday. Thanks again. All of your creations are incredible. – J.M., via email

Today the knife arrived and it looks phenomenal. Thank you very much for the professional work. It will remind me of the good time in Alaska 08 and nice people. – Bjoern, Germany

Knives arrived safely today after customs delay, taxes and duty payment and delivery day issues. But I must say despite all the problems they are absolutely fantastic. I can’t thank you enough. The scrim is superb, the blades are stunning and the haft and materials used are fabulous. Many thanks once again and I do hope that I will at some time in the future be in Fairbanks to thank you in person. – R.H., England

Mark, the knife arrived today, and it is magnificent! I’m especially impressed with the subtlety of the damascus blade and the mokume bolster. Only upon careful inspection can you see the different color metals in the bright metal parts, and the mosaic pin was another pleasant surprise. What craftsmanship. I’m pleased beyond words and will proudly display this knife to all the come to the house, or all that ask to see it hanging from by belt. Thanks for your attention to detail. – A.B., Texas

I just received my Buck 110 Folding Hunter with the mammoth tooth handles, and I can honestly say it is the most beautiful knife I have ever seen. The worksmanship is immaculate. It was intended for my 23-year old son, but I’m keeping it for myself. He can buy his own when he graduates from college! – L.C.R., via email

I just now opened the package you sent…..wow, I am blown away. That’s all I can say at the moment. Thanks. PS-Are the stars what I think they are(gold)? – D. & P. M., via email


Just thought I’d give you an update on the beautiful filet knife you made me.
Neal … and his family stayed with us for a couple days during his tour and when I learned that he was doing one of his conferences in Rockford I made a point to drive up and attend. There were about 150 people in attendance.
I brought a lynx rug Leo down in North Pole had made for me, a marten pelt, a fox head mount Leo also made, and your knife. I had them all set up on a table with descriptive posters next to each item. The lynx, of course was a big attraction.
But your knife stole the show! Everyone wanted to pick it up but were hesitant to do so until I encouraged them. They wanted to know how the blade got such a beautiful pattern. I don’t know how many times I told them about the process you used to create the Damascus pattern. Most had never seen such wonderful metalwork. Of course I also described the blue ivory and the blue amber along with the copper bolsters. Some of the guys would listen to my description and then hang back while I explained it again to someone else, almost as if they wanted to be sure they completely understood. I wish you could have been there. Your description would have been so much more complete than mine.
The knife is a treasure, Mark. And I hope you continue to express your artistry in many more knives for other fortunate people who will come to own them. – R.B., via email

I got the second SHIKI knife and the repair looks totally natural. I really appreciate what you did with both knives.You do incredible work.I can not thank you enough. – G.M., via email

Mark – the knives arrived yesterday and they are beautiful! I know they will be a hit with Scott and appreciate the work you put into them. Thank you for such a wonderful design. – Dorris, via email

I have received the Ulu. Thank you for the quick response and shipping. I am very impressed, it is as beautiful as we had hoped. This is for my sister as a birthday present. She will absolutley love it and I hope she will use it often, as I have found the ulu is a wonderful knife to use aroung the kitchen. I will keep you in mind for additonal knives or ulu’s. I don’t remember reading you were making your own Damascus steel, so accept my apologies. OK, can I be even more impressed? I can’t wait to see a ulu w/ Damascus. You have a real talent. Keep up the awesome work. … It was wonderful to talk with you on the phone. Thank you for taking some time to talk. – D.S., via email

I wanted to write and tell you I received the custom skinner knife that you created for me. I could not be more pleased with this beautiful hand crafted knife and sheath. I have to tell you the extras things you included are fabulous and was exactly what I wanted for this knife. It was like you read my mind.The sheath is great. I have to tell you this is by far the very best custom hand made knife that I own. It is truely a masterpiece of art. Thanks again for all you have done. – T.B, via email

The most beautiful knife in the world arrived today!. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out. It’s a piece of artistry and looking at it, it’s not hard to understand your love of knife-making. Although I told you when we first discussed the idea I wanted a working filet knife–one I could actually use on fish, now I’m not so sure this one will ever see a fish. I haven’t decided that point yet. Meanwhile it sits on display proudly reflecting your wonderful craftsmanship. By the way, the stand you built for it is perfect and the sheath compliments it very nicely. Thanks so much for a beautiful treasure. – R.B, via email

Big sucess as always. The boxes were a great complement to the letter openers. Thanks for your hard work. – B.T., Louisiana

Wahoo what a knife! Mark, Wanted to let you know that the knife you made me skinned out the whole bear that we got on Kodiak last week. Awesome. Thank you very much. I’ll see you soon when I bring it and some other knives in to be sharpened!! – Leo, via email

The knife is incredible. Thanks so very much for working with me on this matter. My husband is very pleased with it and the quality is superior! – G.K., Alabama

Hi guys, Got your package yesterday. You’ve outdone yourself. Simply beautiful ivory. I hope I can do it justice. Again, thank you so much. – R.P., via email

Just seen the knives and other materials on your web page – fantastic work. – C.L., United Kingdom

From all the sites we have visited , your site is superior. You are very talented and look forward to doing business with you. Your Art is great and your knives are fantastic.Keep up the good work. Hope to visit Alaska and meet you some time. – B.W., via email

You two are very special…your welcome and help will always be a special part of our AK trip…Hope we can do it again…soon. – R.S., via email

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about ivory. Really appreciate your input and suggestions. – H.M., via email

Awesome knives. I have just visited your site and the knives are superior quality! I am an amatuer knive maker. I usually make Ulus. I am an Inuk from Ulukhaktok, NWT, Canada. I love the knives that you make. – A.K., Northwest Territories, Canada

You all have some of the best looking knives … ( the best? ) … hands down! – Steve, via email

You blow me away. I was not expecting such a fine peice of art for my knife. I dont know how you can even do such fine inlay. I hope I can repay the favor you have given me. Wow. Thanks. – Scott, via email

I just wanted to let you folks know that I received my Mammoth Ivory scales today,# M1020,there beautiful!!!, I would like to thank you for the good service and the fast shipping! – P.W., via email

Thank you for the quick reply on the info! I have given several of my friends the link to your site,and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thanks again! – P.W., via email

They look, oh words cannot describe their beauty. Thank you so much for all you guys put into them…the stand does them justice. – dpakosky, via email